Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Read Read Read

Well here is some scary but VERY important information on our hair, skin and nail products.  Know what is in them and what we are putting not only on our bodies but in them too......check it out

Great Resources

Hey check out this website...has a lot of info on resources on where to go for alternative health and clean living

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turn up the intensity you are out there walking with your friends everyday, rain or shine and still no change in weight.  Are you chatting too much?  Not walking long enough?  Could be, but maybe you just need to turn up the intensity.  Never mind the fact you don't like to run (I hear that ALL the time).  You don't have to run....that's right....hit the HILLS!!!! Add them into your usual walk and turn the usual into a downright workout!!!!  Try it...what have you got to lose....except calories.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healthy Eating Habits

    One of the most common questions I am asked is, "how do you keep your eating on track when you are always on the go?"  My answer...can you guess?  It's plan plan plan.  A little effort before goes a long way after.  For example...and this is an easy one...I recently went with my daughter to a carnival/festival/Italian feast....How did I avoid wanting to eat the sausage and peppers and calzones etc?  I ate a healthy lunch at home so I wasn't hungry and therefore was not tempted with what was around me..yet I did enjoy all the smells...and that's calorie free.
     If your are going to be there for a long time...where ever there may be....well then...plan plan plan...bring easy healthy to pack snacks like apples, granola bars, grapes or cheese sticks. 
     Like I said, planning ahead saves time, energy and calories in the long run.

NO Excuses

Hey ladies,

      Is finding time to exercise difficult?  Here are some helpful tips from me to you in getting in that workout. Being a single working mother it is always difficult for me to find the time, well, for me.  So here’s what I do to not only get a workout in but spend time with my daughter.
I put her in the jog stroller and run with her to the park.  Once I ‘m there I use the park playground as my “gym”  I do step ups…tricep dips…push ups…pull ups…and squats, just to name a few.  Inbetween my sets I chase my daughter around playing tag or monster.  And then of course there is the run home.
     There are no more excuses.  When other moms see me doing this it inspires them.  Keep posted to my blog and I will teach you how to use the park as your playground too….