Wednesday, September 21, 2016

     Allow me to refresh ….last I left off I began my new eating regime.  Before I get deep into that I'd like to back up a bit and tell you how I came to find out about this new regime.   Along with searching the Internet and reading about anything alternative as well as conventional about thyroid health, I was listening to alternative health podcasts.  (It ate up a lot of time on the treadmill and/or stepmill as exercise was quite the struggle then). First let me say…there is quite a lot of info out there, and for a time, it did nothing short of completely overwhelm me and make me feel paralyzed.  But I just continued to listen whenever and wherever I could ..I took notes on my phone so that I could remember some key points, tips, names as well as websites  Listening to the podcasts were where I understood the major food groups to eliminate from my diet.  That part had began, what I needed was a way to get to the root cause of this immune disorder.
     The following podcast was one of the ones that I personally found the most helpful. It's called Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh. Not only was it chock full of information, but the guests that were on were in the forefront of integrative medicine and thyroid health.  They all had their own journey and offered insight and answers to many question I had.  There were so many AHA moments that I often almost fell off whatever piece of cardio equipment I was on!!!!                                
     So it was thru Dr. Anh’s podcast that I heard the following speakers and searched their websites for even more information.  Isabella Wentz—    Magdalena Wszelaki,  Dr Jeff Robins. Dr Maria Synder…just to name a few of the speakers who have been  the most influential…so much wonderful information….and  instead of contradicting one another (which I find in conventional medicine) they all complimented one another….it was no question I was on the right track…. I was like a sponge soaking up how I was going to change my life and then rule the world…..well maybe not the latter….but I was excited to take back my health!!!!!!
     Now from being on all the websites mailing lists…I received a free webinar (another wonderful source of information) from Isabella Wentz.  She was speaking with a guest named Christa Orecchio..the creator of After listening to that webinar (once again at the gym) is when it all shifted.  It was a very specific program designed to address all the possible underlying caused of my Hashimotos.  The program is called Gut Thrive in 5. It was an absolute step by step journey to help slash inflammation, purge pathogens….address candida,  flush out heavy metals and toxins and heal and rebuild the gut….  
     Now there is so much out there now in terms of detoxing and rebalancing so this isn't me pitching one product over another… was just what captured me…..what made me feel like I was in the right place and totally doable for me….and isn't that the whole darn point….that I could do this!!!!!   I'm not going to give you a blow by blow of the program….I gave the info…it's there to look into ….it's not for everyone…it's just what helped me…and no matter what road anyone decides to travel down…make it your own….after all….it's all about the journey…..and here's mine……stay tuned!!!!!!!