Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hashimotos blog 2

    For years I knew I had a “sluggish” thyroid.  I was told this by my PCP due to my TSH level on my yearly physical. I didn't even know what that really meant because I was told not to worry about it since I appeared to be asymptomatic.  Which simply meant I didn't have the typical symptoms that accompanied a sluggish thyroid.  Which were hair loss, fatigue and always feeling cold.  All the other things I was experiencingweren't ever associated with thyroid function or lack thereof so I just kind of explained them away.  At some point I finally saidto myself…something isn't right. I'm achy…my joints hurt. My digestion sucks. My skin is horrible…pms makes me want to rip my hair out…I have anxiety.  I don't sleep well…ugh!!!  My brain is fuzzy…sometimes dizzy. Almost like I'm deleted and motivation….HA. What motivation. So back to the docs in hopes to find something..anything that could explain these symptoms.  , I asked to be tested for Lyme disease ( several times) and at one point the doctor asked me if I could possibly be depressed.  Well hellllooooooo..WTF?????  I don't feel good, I can't do the things I want to do..had once did and all I want to do is rip everyone's head off….so ummmm maybe??  But the connection was never made with my sluggish thyroid.  Until now.  I started to research and read and research some more. The first really valuable information I found was an article written by Isabella Wentz.  Which then led me to buy her book called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause(chock full of very helpful information). So that was what helped me embark upon this journey.  It only took years of feeling  crappy, not quite myself and then after a very stressful and personally painful year for several reasons…my body just began to shut down.  (That's how I described what was happening). 
    But back to the point….and my starting place.    First things first….I read this article and Isabella explained the six tests that needed to be done on the thyroid to get a true picture of what may or may not be going on.  As I read on and read all of the symptoms associated with thyroiditis(sluggish thyroid) and Hashimotots…..I said BAM……that's me
    So turns out that TSH is not the only test that needs to be done….or as I was told…the only one that matters.  Those numbers can change throughout the day????? So it's not always indicative of what's going on.  Peoples numbers can be within the “normal” range and still feel like ****.  
    So I made an appointment with my doctor and requested the following tests to be done so that I can get a clear picture and go from there. 
TPO Antibodies
Thyroglobulin Antibodies
Free T4 
Free T3

Results in….now let's begin.