Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A new movement

     Why do we as women hold ourselves hostage in our bodies?  Why do we shame ourselves and others??? Why does our day depend upon whether we feel good in our bodies or do I even dare type it aloud ….feel fat??  Is fat even a feeling?  I don't think so.  I've seen all those new commercials and ads sponsoring “real” women….and that's great...but nothing will ever really change if we as women don't truly change the way we think, feel and view our own bodies. Empowerment comes from within and it takes many shapes....haha literally and figuratively. So I  ask then…..Where do we start????
     So here's where I start…..where I make a change…do my part to make some serious life changes through thought and action and hopefully start a movement. I will no longer base my beliefs about myself based on my body image. I look at other women all the time and think how inspiring they are because of who they are and not what they look like.  I will now do the same for myself. I will now get out of my head and know that what I'm doing makes a difference. That instead of judging myself I will compliment myself and someone else from my heart.
     I have a daughter. I would never want her to grow up hating the gifts God gave her…..Her strong muscular body   It's because of that very body that through hard work and determination give her the ability to flip and fly through the air!!!!  I will now appreciate all I can do because of my hard work and determination and no longer dwell on what I could not do because there is always a next time to try again.
     I am going to grow older. My skin is going to wrinkle and my hair will grey (even more).   I'm still my best self. I'm here. I'm breathing. Bc long legs aren't going to change my life one bit but who I am will!
     So along the way on this journey of life….be inspired so you can inspire….be creative and create.  Compliment and accept compliments. Live life to the fullest because not everyone gets to.
   To my dearest friend who taught me so much…I will try to honor your life every day by honoring mine and not wasting a moment..

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