Thursday, July 21, 2016

                                                   MY HASHIMOTOS BLOG #3

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

     The first step now that I had my results….which were TSH levels at 9.4. Antibodies at 960. And a low free T3.Oh and how can I forget the multiple nodules making a home on my thyroid!!!!     Basically my thyroid isn't functioning properly and it was attacking itself…My question is why????   I'm not one to just sit back and do nothing to heal myself….. In my research, I came to understand that there there can be several reasons why I developed an autoimmune disorder.  The top most common reasons were possibly food sensitivities (leaky gut), toxins, gluten, infection, inflammation, deficiencies….just to name a few.  So…..with that said….things weren't so clear cut for me because of my limited financial means and kinda crappy health insurance(which I am very happy to have).  I had to be creative and extremely proactive (mind you I was feeling completely overwhelmed with all this new information)so once I took a little time to digest it all…hahah…I figured I would start with what I thought was the most obvious and reasonable place….my food…. because that was something I could change without tests and blood work and doctors appointments….blab bla bla.
     I always thought I ate well..and I do…I did…but what I have come to understand is that I was eating well but not right….at least not right for my situation AND not right for my body to heal itself from this Hashimotos.  Not right to help my liver detox and my adrenals recover.  I was just so wiped physically mentally and emotionally that I was willing to do whatever it took to just feel better.
     I was already gluten free for over 5 years(thank goodness). I eliminated dairy, corn, soy, sugar, alcohol, eggs, caffeine and certain nightshade so of veggies..  I know I know…as my mom repeatedly said…..”geeeez Kathy….what the heck is there left for you to eat?????  Your going to starve!!!!”  My mother is Italian….need I say more….  I'm not going to paint a picture here that this was easy….because it wasn't and it did kinda send me into the poor me’s for a bit…..but strangely at the same time I was quite driven to do this!!!!!
     So over the next few months….here's what I noticed ….I was starting to sleep better, indigestion gone, no bloating, no burping and my energy was returning.  My skin looked better and I stopped losing so much hair!!!!    Ok….so step one was helping….now I needed get clear cut picture on all, if any, vitamin deficiencies so that I can begin to replenish and further my healing process!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned…………..

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